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We are a professional auto locksmith company who has developed their skills over many years to also become one of the UKs most recognised auto electricians in Bold Heath.

What we do

Auto Electrician in Bold Heath, Merseyside, WA8 3

Auto Electrician Bold Heath

What we do: An auto electrician in Bold Heath is a tradesman specialising in electrical wiring of motor vehicles. You may want to employ our Auto electricians in Bold Heath for the installation of new electrical components or the maintenance and repair of existing electrical components. Our Auto electricians Bold Heath specialise in cars and commercial vehicles, covering both petrol and diesel engines.

We are happy to carry out routine electrical works including vehicle preparation and the fitting of electronic equipment to standard defined by the Motor Vehicle Retail and Repair Industry.

Some of the Auto Electric services we offer:

  • Diagnose and undertake electrical repairs on a wide variety of vehicles and plant.
  • Undertake electrical installation of accessories and ancillary equipment on a wide variety of vehicles and plant.
  • Test and repair digital control systems including ABS controls.
  • Service and repair ancillary parts and equipment as required.
  • Inspect, maintain and repair all types of petrol and diesel engine motor vehicles and plant.
  • Obtain parts and equipment if necessary.
  • Liaise with manufacturers and/or agents on problems to achieve an efficient repair.
  • Carry out work within a realistic time.

Our auto electricians will fit and repair electrical and electronic systems in motor vehicles. As vehicles become more advanced the amount of electronic systems in them is increasing and therefore the overall cost of working on them may increase.

Our Auto Electricians main tasks will include:

  • taking readings, using a laptop or hand-held device connected to an engine's electronic control unit (found in newer vehicles)
  • checking and testing wiring and parts in older vehicles using portable instruments
  • using the readings to find faults
  • researching faults, using manufacturers' circuit diagrams and specification manuals
  • repairing or replacing faulty parts
  • retesting the system to make sure everything is working correctly and safely (this may include road testing the vehicle)

We can work with a variety of electronic systems including:

  • electronic ignitions
  • alarms
  • immobilisers
  • tracking devices
  • electric windows, mirrors and seats
  • tow-bar electrics
  • air-conditioning
  • customised LED or neon lighting kits
  • parking warning systems
  • reverse cameras
  • in-car phones, TVs, audio and DVD players

We specialise in light vehicles (cars, vans and motorcycles) and heavy vehicles (lorries, buses and coaches).

Auto Electrician

Our Auto electricians or automotive electricians as they are sometimes called concentrate on the electrical parts in motor vehicles.

Our main duties usually include installing, repairing, wiring, and maintaining of all electrical components found in different vehicles.

We also check what is necessary to bring automobiles up to their best working condition.

We can also work on equipment used in agriculture and mining such as excavators and tractors.

We are good at testing equipment and the computers they use to map out electrical pathways and locate electronic problems or malfunctions in the vehicle system.

In some cases we may have to dissemble and reassemble vehicles.

Our Auto electricians use meters and circuit diagrams to search for faulty parts of vehicles.

Besides testing the proper functionality in the equipment to be installed into vehicles, our auto electricians also manage components and control systems.

Our auto electricians will either have to change parts or find ways to repair the problems. This includes every wire, switch, and fuse in addition to accessories like air conditioners and radios.

Auto Electricians Bold Heath

No matter what service you are looking for from an auto electrician anywhere in or local to you can rely on our mobile auto electricians working in the Bold Heath area to help solve your vehicle electrical problems for you

Auto Electricians in Bold Heath, Merseyside, WA8 3

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